Below, you will find our terms of trade, as they aply for this webshop and our sales on the net auction sites. Our general terms of trade for sales on ebay and other internet auction sites:


1) These terms are integral part of any sales, and need to be accepted by the buyer.


(2) Shop´s prices are quoted in Euro including sales tax, as they are due for sales all over the EC. For sales outside EC the Dollar prices are quoted, excluding sales tax.
Sales taxes are not declared, § 19 USTG, Germany


(3) To process your order, we have to save the relevant customer data. However, we assure, that these willonly be for internal used and not be passed to third parties, not involved in the deal.


(4) Shipment will be effected by Postal services or UPS . In all cases, the actual shipping fee will be added to the final price. For two sales, shipped together, naturally, we will charge only one shipping fee. AND: Sure, we can arrange for discounted shipments in case of multiple sales in one shipment.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipment by UPS will automatically be insured, but only up to the declared customs value. Airmail delvery abroad, be it registered or not, cannot be tracked and therefore is not insured. The same applies to EMS delivery: it cannot be tracked beyond German borders. Thus, any shipment by postal services is at the risk of the buyer. Any goods, paid for by credit card or paypal will have to be shipped by trackable means, that is registered mail or UPS inside Germany and only FedEx/UPS outside Germany.


(5) Payment has to be effected in advance. We accepte, wire or cash,  we do accept credit card payment or paypal. ( 4% to the sales prices for the exchange fees. )


(6) Please do thouroughly check the items upon receipt, any claims will be accepted only whithin 14 days after receipt. Should the item be defective, due to our fault, first we will always try to give a free repair.
In any case, warranty is limited up to the amount of money paid for the goods. Above this amount, we refuse any liability. An item, that breaks due to faulty handling of the buyer will not be refunded, but sure, we will do our best to fix it, but thats to be paid by the buyer. We do our best to give thorough and true descriptions, however, we refuse liability for mistakes in writing.


But in any case, we will do our best to solve an eventual problem best and cheapest for the buyer. Should the problem be due to us, we sure will resolve the problem at no extra cost for the buyer.